Yobs hurl cat under moving car

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD girl has been left heartbroken after yobs threw her beloved kitten under a moving car in a “barbaric” attack.

Nine-month-old kitten, ‘Patch’, died immediately from the impact after two heartless thugs tossed her underneath the car.

The kitten had been given as an eighth birthday present to Annabella O’Neill in November, and the little girl was said to have doted on the kitten.

Annabella’s mother, Mary, said she has not been able to tell her heartbroken daughter the cause of her beloved pet’s death and has instead simply told her she died in a tragic road accident

She said: “I haven’t told her the whole story but I have told her it was an accident. I don’t want her to know there are people out there who could do this to be honest.

“She’s already devastated. Patch was her best friend.”

Mary was alerted to Patch’s tragic death after a neighbour witnessed the incident unfolding.

She said: “My next door neighbour was walking down the road and saw it happen.

“She didn’t realise it was our cat and then asked if it was a little black and white kitten.

“The driver of the car that hit her didn’t see anyone but there was a van coming the other way and the driver saw somebody throw her under the car.”

The sickening attack happened in Spencer, Northants, at around 9.45pm on Wednesday night.

Mary said she wanted to warn other pet owners in the area about the attack.

“It is worrying that somebody can do something like that.

“She was a dopey little thing and she was so friendly so would have just walked up to people.

“If someone can do this to a little fluffy animal you wonder what else they could do. I just can’t understand the mentality of someone who does something like this.”

Police yesterday said they were investigating reports two men had carried out the attack.

One of them is described as Asian, wearing a white baseball cap.

Roy Marriott, from the Animals in Need, labelled the attackers as “barbaric”. He said attacks of this nature had happened before in the county but were rare.

He said: “We have had incidents before about 18 months ago with dogs that have been thrown underneath cars on the A14 but we haven’t had anything like that involving cats.

“I just can’t understand what on earth possesses anyone to do that. It is absolutely barbaric.”

A police spokesman said: “They were informed by witnesses that two unknown men had been seen to throw a cat underneath a car before running off.”

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