Stunning images of a friendly robin, taken by a secret wildlife photographer, have been specially selected to be used by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

Bobbin the robin has become a well-known face in snaps taken by Villager Jim, who was dubbed as the Banksy of wildlife photography after refusing to reveal his true identity.

But the adventures of the chirpy bird have not gone unnoticed as she’s regularly captured in spectacular scenes going about her daily business at the photographer’s home in Foolow, Derbys.

After seeing her in action, RSPB have asked Villager Jim to provide an image a week to be used as part of a social media diary which celebrates wildlife photography.

He said: “It’s fantastic that Bobbin’s personality has been picked up through my images and that other people will get to see her character for themselves.

“She has been coming to my garden every day for two years so has become one of the family and it’s a joy to share her with the world.

“It’s great that people are becoming more and more interested in birds and I enjoy being able to share my images to help me do this.”

Featuring in the collection of beautiful images taken all year round, Bobbin can be seen teetering around on a pitchfork, enjoying a sunny day and taking off in the snow.

Amusingly, Villager Jim has also pictured her next to a plastic Batman figurine, bringing the Batman and Robin partnership back together in ways never seen before.

The most joyful image he’s taken so far are when he’s managed to catch her as she comes to land on his hand where she takes a mouthful of meal worms as a daily meal.

“It’s the best part of the day when she comes and lands on my hand and takes the food from me because it just shows how relaxed she is in my company,” said Jim.

“At the moment she is feeding her babies so she comes to get food for her young too.

“She’s become very used to having her picture taken so she’s become very good at pulling some fantastic poses.”

Villager Jim has so far had two pictures of Bobbin the robin published on the RSPB Love Nature Facebook site, which have been shared hundreds of times.

He hopes the images will help support the charity’s work and also heighten the nation’s interest in birds as a whole.

He added: “It seems young people don’t generally have as much interest in birds as older people who perhaps have the patience to take an interest.

“It was a pleasure to be approached to give people a chance to see birds up close and appreciate them for the fascinating creatures they are.”

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