A group of youngsters filmed themselves laughing and joking – as they destroyed a former Sikh temple.

The horrific footage was posted on Snapchat, and showed a group of youths throwing objects, breaking glass and causing extensive damage to the site.

The youngsters have added commentary to the video, celebrating the destruction at the old temple in Gravesend, Kent.

It shows the floor littered with debris, as the youngsters throw plates and long metal objects at items in the temple.

The pupils, some dressed in football kit, are said to be in Year 11 and hail from various schools in the area.

Aged 15 to 16, the youths would currently be on GCSE study leave, and one of the boys allegedly involved took to social media last night to apologise for his actions but denied actual vandalism.

Tarsem Singh Mahil, general secretary of the Gravesend Gurdwara said: “This is very bad news, and it quite upsetting.

“There is a risk this will cause animosity within different communities, we don’t want that.

“It’s in the police’s hands now, we need to let them deal with this.

“The building is empty, but it’s been there for more than 40 years as a temple.

“We heard people were sleeping in there at night, they’d brought mattresses in.

“We kept putting shutters on to keep people out, but it just gets broken into again.”

On social media, people have voiced their shocking at watching the shameless vandalism.

Asim Mahmood said: “This is disgusting behaviour. I hope they all get brought to justice.”

One user going by the name of Kiran added that the vandalism was “disgusting and horrific”.

She wrote: “I felt as if my soul was being torn apart by these fools as they continued tearing down the Gurdwara.”

A spokeswoman from Kent Police said: “We were called at 12.07am on Thursday to a report of criminal damage at a derelict property in Clarence Place, Gravesend.

“Officers have attended and an investigation is currently ongoing.”

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